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  1. Hi all, Just wondering if there is an easy way to check if a expansion module is connected and active, i had a look through the SB's but couldn't find anything. I'm using the IO-PT400 expansion. I have got everything working as required but it just requires a few more lines in the ladder. Thought a SB for expansion connected would be alot simpler. Regards Travis Etheridge
  2. Hi All, Apologies for reviving an older post, however i am trying to get SMS and remote access working with a Teltonika TRB140, but I can't seem to init the modem. It also does not seem to have any option for port forwarding. Should this just be a plug and play through Ethernet port for a V700? Approached our distributor to buy a 3/4G modem but they didn't know about any Unitronics modems etc and said anything should work. So got the Teltonika and it is not quite as straight forward as i initially thought. I also saw this months email update from Unitronics says they have new
  3. Hi Ausman, Thanks for the replies, sorry about the delay, havnt spent much time at work due to the current global situation. I watched the Webinar on youtube about data tables, with that and your info i have managed to figure it out and get everything working (Attached image of ladder). I have also just set up copying the DT to an sd card for backup. I do have a question though, Are you able to live view the data table through the HMI somehow? Cheers
  4. Hi All, Im having a bit of difficulty finding/understanding some of the help information on usage of the SD card and was hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I believe what im wanting to do is relatively simple, however i cant seem to find any straight forward information on the forums/help files to do quite what im wanting. I work with heating vessels, using a V700, and when an over-temp event happens would like to log the date/time, current temperature at each probe, Tank level and which HMI screen is currently loaded. (i have different HMI screens set up
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