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  1. I have a V700. When i press the button once it increments by one, but when i press and hold the button i want the value to continuosly increment till I let go of the button.Any idea how to do it?
  2. I have a V700 with V200-18-E3XB module and i want some help to connect the sensor of the photo. (I already set the jumpes to current, i connect 24Vdc from my power supply to the red wire of the sensor.)
  3. My connection was wrong... i tested with ice-cubes and it was close to 103 ohms. thank you for helping!
  4. Yes. I connect it to analog input 0 5A 4A 3B
  5. I also have V700 with snap i /o v200-18-e3 / 4 xb i connect a 3-wire PT-100 and place the input in MI operand (C), the value i get is about 5370. I measure the resistance from the PT-100 to 120 Ohms so according to pt-100 table it has to be about 50C(the temperature in my room is 22C,maybe the sensor is not good). I divide 5370 with 100(no 10 as mentioned in the last post) so i get 53C. Is that correct?
  6. ok! I supply voltage to 0V and V1 and it worked. Thank you.
  7. Thanks both for replying! This is my wiring. So i keep it like this and just add 0v to 0V and 24v to V1?
  8. I use a V700 with V200-18-E3XB module. I connect some switches to the digital inputs that work fine and some leds to the digital outputs so i can test my project. I connect them according to snap in I/O manual pdf but i have no voltage on the outputs although in the program the output bits goes high. Any idea what the problem might be?
  9. Thanks for reply! I want time to be >=00:00:05 How can i put the timer value that the user gave in input A ?
  10. Same problem here. Flex727 can you explain it in more detail please? Thank you.
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