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  1. Thanks Flex727, that's much easier to understand now. I am still trying to get a Tare button working, I am applying a force to the load cell with a spring which I then need the user to be able to set the readout to 0. I know I need to input the value Force into Force X1 as when I do this manually my display zero's out, but I seem to be missing how to do this in the ladder. I have been unable to find any examples to look at so any help gratefully received. Cheers KevB
  2. I used someone else's program and took the bits I wanted, and it worked, so to be honest I didn't think anymore about it.
  3. Hi, I am trying to produce basically a set of scales. Once the system is powered on and the bowl placed on top I would like to Tare the output. Here is an image of my ladder. Manually if I take the value now displayed in RealForce and enter it into ForceX1 my display goes to 0000. This is all good but now I am trying to find what I need to be able to do this by pressing a button on the screen. At present I am developing this on a USC-B10-TR22 but eventually will be transferring this to a V1210. Cheers KevB Leonardo Force Display.ulpr
  4. Hi all, thanks for all the help, the unit started communicating on USB this morning, then stopped ? I went back to using the ethernet reset all the addresses back to what I was using and now it is communicating fine. My program isn't running but it has shown me the errors so I am going to work through them. Thanks again for your help I am sure you will hear from me again. KevB
  5. I don't have a screen attached to the PLC it is being used through a PC. I have just got a USB cable and tried to download using it but it doesn't see the PLC. I have attached the small program I have done just to teach myself. Thanks again for your help. KevB lesson.ulpr
  6. I have done that, I tried starting a new project but that isn't working either. I am not sure if the address was set correctly when I downloaded my program and from reading different posts, might that mean I have to reset my PLC?
  7. The crossover cable didn't work, and the ping said the target was unreachable, with both cables. I don't think it would be the cable as it was working until I tried to download a file to the PLC. I am going to start again from the beginning and see if that works.....! clutching at straws now KevB
  8. So I have just checked what each is set to, the computer is set to IP, and the PLC Panel and the PLC CPU The Subnet mask and default gateway are all set to and respectively, the PLC is connected directly to a small form factor ACEPC via a straight through Cat 6 cable.
  9. Hi AlexUT, I have tried to check what I meant, but I can't find anything VPN I may have been confused with another project I am doing, I currently have the PC and PLC set to address and the PLC cpu set to with the Subnet mask and the default gateway to When I originally had communication the ip address for both was and .65 not 100% sure on the gateway but I think it was KevB
  10. i, I have lost communication with the USC-B-TR22 I am using and seem unable to re-establish it. I had the IP addr set to for the panel and for the CPU, and this was working. I then compiled my first program and downloaded it to the unit, when I tried to VPN it to try it out an error appeared, 'incorrect IP address'. I checked all the IP addresses and noticed they had both changed so I put them back to the above address but could not get comms. I set them to the default values but no difference. The program was just a simple one, as I am trying to teach myself
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