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  1. Hi I have a trouble when connecting to V350 through SD explorer that I have to write correctly PLC name to connect to V350. How can I get PLC name or where can I find it? Thanks!
  2. Hi ! I have a vision series v350 and I want to backup all source (Hardware configuration, display, Ladder program,...) but I can't upload project from PLC. I think the option "Burn upload project" was not selected when the project was downloaded. Is there another way to backup PLC without upload source? Thank you so much!
  3. I have the same issue with you adam.vb, We can not upload the program if it is disable. I think the programmers want to protect their project so they choose download only not burn download all.
  4. Hi I have a HMI PLC V350, I want to upload program but it didn't not allow and display warning "This project cannot be uploaded because: - the option 'Burn Upload Project' was not selected when the project was downloaded, or - due to incomplete data in the PLC" Please help me solve this! I have already been purchase new one to replace the damaged HMI PLC.
  5. Hi I have an issue. Please help me! I want to replace my damaged vision v1040. I could upload current program from old vision. When I downloaded to new vision then started OPLC , many alarms display and the system operation could not start well. I think it may be caused by the setting values in old vision could not transfer to new vision. I choose "Download All & Burn". If you have any idea or solution, please let me know. Thank you so much for reading.
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