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  1. Hi Have a problem to copy my data table on my dok. First i copy my data table on the sd with the bloc "store dti to file" and after i use the bloc copy/move to transfer the value on my dok. But the statuts stay always at -3 ( invalid dok folder path) And i use the syntax given in help. On location D i write #"DT/" Thanks for help
  2. HI! I would like to know if i can use UAC on my data table, i explain. I use two level access, and i want the first, can only read and chose a row in my table, the second can be use the button "edit on" to modify the table. It's possible to put a level access on this button?
  3. Tanks for this example, i can solve my problem with this
  4. Hello, I'm beginner on the sowtfare unilogic. I try to make an hourly programming for a machine for the week with different value each days. I search on the help but i don't find how the schedule work. Can help me to set up my schedule?
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