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  1. You were right guys Apparently my Canbus network was overloaded.... After considering some time among packets, the oscillation stopped Thank you all for the support
  2. Forgot that.... here it is: EMK1268 Although this may improve communication performance, I don't see why this would actually solve my problem... Just to give you guys more details about my problem... Nodes 2 and 3 were working fine when my network had 5 RC1 nodes. Right after installing two more nodes (nodes 7 and 8), the data coming from nodes 2 and 3 started oscillating. The communication among all nodes were still good and all nodes kept working normally, except for nodes 2 and 3. At first I had thought the oscillation problem happened because of electrical noise... but now I've been thinking it is related to analog signals somehow. Since I disabled the UniCan sending blocks which were sending MI's from my analog expansion modules, the problem has stopped. It is important to say that only nodes 2 and 3 send data provided by analog inputs. I just checked the programs for nodes 7 and 8, if they write data into the same MI's as nodes 2 and 3, and I haven't found any issue... I'm also attaching programs for nodes 7 and 8 to help you... maybe you find something I'm not seeing.... RC1 node 7.vlp RC1 node 8.vlp
  3. Nodes 2 and 3 are the ones that have been oscillating. It is important to say that they worked fine before installing nodes 7 and 8... The program is the same and I've just checked and haven't found any conflict of registers among nodes 2, 3, 7 and 8
  4. Hi Joe Thanks for replying me... I'm attaching the main program and the two EX-RC1 programs that I mentioned on my post. PLC node 1.vlp RC1 node 2.vlp RC1 node 3.vlp
  5. Hello, I have an application running at one of my customers, which there is a V1040 PLC communicating via Canbus with 7 EX-RC1 nodes of which two modules have been installed recently. Each EX-RC1 has a couple of expansion modules connected to it and exchange digital and/or analog data with the PLC. I have followed all the instructions on how to install and configure all the devices, and my application was working fine with 5 EX-RC1 nodes. The problem is, when I installed the others two nodes, my application started behaving strangely: The data (only MI's) coming from two specific nodes (the nodes with analog expansion modules) started oscillating between right and ramdom values. However, the communication among nodes was apparently ok, as I could notice it by watching the values of MI Status Message (between 0 and 1); The problem only stops if I disable the Unican send blocks that are sending analog input values. Moreover, this oscillattion only happens on my PLC. If I get online on the EX-RC1, I do not observe any oscillattion; Do you guys have any idea of what is going on?
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