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  1. Hello Dear Sir or Madam, We use the DataExport program a lot in our applications. We want to ask something in this program. When the PC is turns off and on again, the program will open automatically and “Run Project” mode should run automatically. I wonder if this is possible ?
  2. Good afternoon, I have a V1040 Master Plc and I want to communicate more than 2 slave devices (v700,v570,v430 etc.) I tried Modbus TCP-IP Master-Slave and UDP Master-Slave examples, but I could not communicate at the same time. While doing a sample with UDP, when I send data from Slave1, it writes to the Master MI20. Likewise, when I send data from Slave2, it writes to the MASTER MI20. When I send data from Slave1 that I want, it will write to Master MI20. If I send data from Slave2, It will write to Master MI30 For example, I want to write between MI100 and MI130, bet
  3. Hi, Please, Can you make a sample video for Unitronics C# read/write
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