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  1. Customer has requested the ability to set, and monitor the temperature at remote station(s)/location(s) on a printing press. Any simple way to do this using another V350xxx without a major programming effort??? Basically want to duplicate the buttons and display, and have them work in parallel with the existing full control. Serial connection ok, or?
  2. From the IO ATC8 spec. "Thermocouple Inputs" --> Absolute maximum rating ±0.6VDC It is very easy to get a greater than ±0.6VDC differential between the thermocouple, and the module. All it takes is a poor ground. Company I work for has > than a hundred of V350-35-TA24 with a similar maximum limit on thermocouple inputs. As this is on portable equipment, nearly all failures have been due to; too high of a voltage getting to the thermocouple input. Example Failures... Powered IR sensor, input shorted to 24 vdc power for sensor. Ground fault in heat cartridge
  3. Does Unistream have STL? Is it documented? If not, perhaps a separate file/pdf that covers both lines.
  4. Thanks. (Statement List) is what I was after. Hint to Unitronics help file writers. Please spell out your 3 letter acronyms. Google " STL View " and the top results are for 3d cad viewers... The issue is not that I am new to PLCs, rather that I am old to PLCs. TI 530, and a plug in programing keypad. Later we had a very expensive portable programmer with 160k floppy, and approx. 6" CRT.
  5. Where in the help file is the explanation for STL. and what its purpose is, and how it works? I found one entry, that tells how to open STL view.
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