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  1. Hello Saragani, All requirement by CFR21 /part 11 rev02. Changes password,UniApps access per user and event of replacing group per user.. When planned release of 1.3 version? Thank you.. ILiyaT
  2. Hello Joe, Thank you for your quick response.. Requirements: 1. The system must enforce password aging and allow a definable period. -6 month per each user.. 2. The system must de-activate any account not used for a period (90 days) 3. The audit trail must record changes to user access levels and privileges. 4. After 3 unsuccessful login attempts : user account must be locked for 3 minutes, notify alert message "Please try again after 3 min", Unlock account after time is reachable.. Please explain me how I can retrive UAC data from table and use in my pro
  3. Hello, How it's possible to create password time expired notification & save password in data tables in Unilogic program.. Thank You.
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