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  1. We'd like to control which project is loaded onto the PLC remotely. We can't go through the ui of the plc because it needs to be automated. We need to control it from linux, so unilogic and most of unitronics tools are out, they lack the necessary command line access anyway to make them an option for automation. We can get the project file on the plc using ftb, but how do I convince the plc to load a new project, I can't seem to figure it out. Can't find the right ladder function or something else to access. PLC: USC-B5-T24
  2. For a teaching project we want to be able to copy and start a project from a single board computer onto a plc over ethernet and are looking into the best options. I think unidownloader basically does what I need but I need to automate it and preferably make it run under linux possibly on ARM. I've identified two possible solutions. 1) Unidownloader seems to work fine under wine, possibly with exagear I can make it work on an arm platform. 2) Another option is going from the .NET library, make it work on mono and work from there But before I sink a lot
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