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  1. Hello, I am making a machine, where, for safety porpuses I need to PAUSE the program. My machine has a Pressure reducing valve and some solenoid valves. If my pressure sensor senses that pressure is too high (my Pressure reducing valve doesn't work correctly for example) I just want to pause my program so it doesn't open any solenoid valve and let that high pressure into my machine. So is it possible to pause a program untill pressure is too high? Including pausing Timers so they wouldn't count. Program is written in Visilogic. Thank you, Jan
  2. Thank you for your help and time 😄. I will use that and correct my program tomorrow.
  3. Okey thank you I will try that I need 1 decimal place but it is good to know. One more question on this topic. Lets say I want my machine to hold 2,5 bar in sistem. I will need to store that number in my MI. I would like the user to write value - 2,5 (like in real life) with keyboard, and not 25. Are parameters in my 'numeric box' correct?
  4. Thank you for reply. Well I am using Pressure transmitters 4-20mA on 10-bit (Analog inputs). First I linearize them (X and Y). My sensor can read from 0-2,5 [bar]. I can't write constant 2,5 in Y2. So that is why i wrote 25 and then I use math function DIV (calculates MI2/10[constant]) and i get for example 2,5 or any other value. Or can I display for example 25 as 2,5 in my 'numeric box' on HMI? Never tried that. Jan
  5. Hello, I am new to this forum. I am making a project where I am measuring pressure values inside 10 water tanks. So I am measuring 10 MF vaules. On the screen I can select a water tank, which pressure I want to view. After the selection, that takes me to next HMI screen (I would like to keep only one Display/screen on HMI) where I will view pressure in this tank. I would like it to show me only the pressure in that specific tank that I have selected previously. So on my HMI I would like to insert only one 'Numeric' ''box'' (where I can view MI or MF,...), but only the MF or MI of that t
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