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  1. Hello. I have some problems with Operand Access. I use Unitronics Remote Access 9.8.12 and MS Excel 2016 I checks connection to local PLC V280 via com-port with "Get OPLC Information". All is OK. Then I try Tools - Operand Access. The empty table opens and after clck "read all values from PLC" PC thinking several minutes and then window for selecting xls file opens. When I enter file name and click OK the following error "The excel file you have selected cannot support the exported values" appeares. I have some questions: 1/ Must I click Online button bef
  2. Thanks for your explanation. Just now it is all clear for me.
  3. Hello. Will the project be erased If I perfom PLC Reset via Visilogic? If no, what kind of variables wil be reset? And what differences between Reset and Initialize & Reset?
  4. Thanks, Joe. I've sent e-mail to Support team. And here is their answer regarding V280: Conclusion: 1/ Offline creating .vdf enable only in enchanced PLC 2/ OS V230 compatible wth V280; V260; V290; V530. Thanks for help/
  5. I suppose so. But I don't undestand exactly how to use Unidownloader Designer. I have to make .udc file as result of Unidownloader Designer work. As I undestand, first of all, I should create .dvi (.vdf) file in VisiLogic. If I take example project for V280 (V280_Drum_Example), I get the above mentioned error. If I take example project for V130 (V130_Simple_Drum), all works fine . Why?
  6. Create simple project (just one window with text) on V280. Without PLC, only Offline. When I try to Create Project files .dvi I got Error. What's Wrong?
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