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  1. Thank You for replies. I'm going to check both ways. After first try SQL looks friendly
  2. Hi, I consider few ways to get 100 variables every second from USC-B10-TR22: 1. Create DataTable on SD card, and then get it through FTP server 2. Get data via MODBUS 3. Use any OPC client When I tested first way, there was problems with accurate timming. I forced creating line in SD file with data every 0.8s, and average time was around 0.8s, but varied between 0.6 and 1.4s Second way seems to be ok, but using Python's modbus library also occured some timming mismatch. Average was also ok, but again varied between similiar values. I'm not sure, but it also can be Python's library problem, because it is me first time with this library. So far I don't have any experience with OPC and I would like to know is it right way or not. I also tried DataSampler, but it is limited by amount of variables saved with one DataSampler, so I discontinued this way.
  3. Hi, I'm not sure about phrase in manual of URB-TCP, which says: "The adapter is limited to process 192 data bytes for inputs and 192 data bytes for outputs." Does it mean thah when I use 192 bytes as inputs, I can still use 192 bytes for outputs? Please let me understand it well, Greets, Damian
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