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  1. Hi Pascal, What I concluded from my little experience is that to use the PLC to read sensors and write setpoints in a BACnet server it is necessary to have a Unitronics BACnet gateway. This gateway will provide a BACnet client in the PLC. Stay safe. JT
  2. Hello, I can read and write a setpoint (=BACnet object I want to control) with my computer BACnet program (YABE). I can see UniStream BACnet server in the same computer program. But how do I make the PLC read/write the BACnet object (=setpoint) ? Is the UniStream BACnet server enough? I really appreciate any help/advice. JT
  3. I have seen that post and this and this but was still not sure. Thank you very much! JT
  4. Hi, I was hoping to use URA-0800O (AI08O) or URA-0400O (AI04O) to get the 4-20 mA signals from Hanna transmitter (EC and pH). From the Hanna transmitter manual HI 98143-20 is 4-20 mA passive and HI 98143-22 is 4-20 mA active and in the last page: Questions: 1 - Is the HI 98143-22 compatible with Unitronics sink type analog inputs ? (and the HI 98143-20 not compatible ? ) 2 - Is the 2 Input Common(AGND) to 4 Input Common(AGND) difference between the URA-0800O (AI08O) and URA-0400O (AI04O) relevant for this choice? Already found info in the forum about double sinking and I really do not want to mess this ... Thanks for any help in advance! JT
  5. Hi, Yesterday I started over from scratch and the missing Outputs are now working so previously I probably made some silly mistake in the Unistream program. @Ausman : connecting the 1210 again is not really an option but now we can be sure all the modules are working . My initial suspicion that I used some wrong parameter in the UniCan was probably because I am not familiar to use it. @Joe: So I would greatly appreciate (and also for the benefit of the forum) a quick look at my EX-RC1 program: - Since I have the EX-RC1 attached to 1 io-d16a3-ro16, 4 io-di8-ro8 and 1 io-ai8 , I started with the file in "Examples\Version 900\Project examples\Communications\EX-RC1\EX-RC1 With Analog\EX-RC1 with ATC8" - I then edited the hardware configuration to suit my modules. - Digital inputs and outputs just have a option to add a description but my doubts appeared with the analog inputs: what addresses should I use? (in my initial problem I thought that something might have been overlapping) - So I kept the addresses of the example (1900 .. 1907) and added the 3 analog inputs of the io-d16a3-ro16 in addresses 1908 .. 1910. I think it is working but is this the correct way to do it? - I followed the PLC Training: Remote I/Os via EX-RC1 | UniLogic for UniStream by Unitronics video and my next doubt was in the UniCAN Send parameters: I had to change the example file to 1016 Source Start Address ( is this determined by "Rx Start Vector" in UniLogic program?) - Another question I have is what is the objective (or differences) of rung 7 and 8 in the IN module of the example since I can connect with my IOs just using rung 8? (or should I be using rung 7 instead?) I see that the UniCAN Send parameters are different ... - At this time the UniStream program is just exposing the Inputs and controlling the Outputs. I appreciate some insight about these topics so I can leave everything running smoothly and be better prepared for other UniCAN applications. Kind regards, JT JT_EX-RC1_HWC_v06.ulri JT_EX-RC1_v06.vlp JT_v06.ulpr
  6. Hi Ausman, All IO modules were working before with a EX-A2X (I think) and a V1210. No mismatch between program and output pins. In fact when trying to turn on O65 or O68 the module pin led does not react. But adjacent pin leds work fine. Although most of the IO data seems to be good is it possible that I used some parameter in the UniCan the wrong way and that mistake is causing this issue ? I have already saw the post in your link (it seems more complicated than my task) but thanks anyway! Kind regards, JT
  7. Hi, UniCan is new to me and my primary objective is to get a UniStream 7" to send and receive IOs data from a EX-RC1 attached to 1 io-d16a3-ro16, 4 io-di8-ro8 and 1 io-ai8. CANbus cable is less than 1 meter long. I can monitor and control almost all of the connected IOs except 2 outputs (O65 and O68) in the 2nd io-di8-ro8 (O64 to O71). I would really appreciate some guidance since I am doing this task in a foreign country and I would like to get back to my family soon Thanks in advance for any help!
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