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  1. Yes! But now I tried with another port and it worked. Thank u all!!
  2. Your are right. I have changed to 9600 and the comunication worked, but then when I downloaded the program with the new paramaters the on-line connection via serial and TCP/IP, now its not working and I think that it is because the baud rate. I test in another PLC that was with the same program but with other baud rate (a greater one) and the on-line connection worked. Now I can't conect with the PLC to change that... You have any ideia what can I do now? I have already try to connect with a cable to serial connection and reset the PLC but that isn't working. The MB 107 is
  3. Hi everyone! I'm trying to comunicate my PLC with a Energy Analyzer by the protocol MODBUS RS485 to read some registers. I configured the program with this parameters: PORT 1 (COM1) I configured the energy analyzer with the same parameters. To read the registers : I'm using the V700, and change the DIP Swtich to RS485. Even after that all, isn't comunicating. Is importante to say that the energy analyzer is comunicating with PCs, so I don't think that the problems is with him. Can you help me understand what may be happening?
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