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  1. I also noticed that the PLC version is 1.28.58 while the software version is 1.28.34. Does this play a role? I am not sure. I tried to follow both methods mentioned above (copied again in this post) ----------------------- Support said that it is common for CPUs to lose connection with the Panel immediately after applying a firmware update, and that just cycling the power should fix the problem. However, cycling the power did not fix the connection issue, and my ip settings still would not save so I could not ping it from any other device. I did eventually get it to work after performing the following: 1. Forced a reinstall of the same firmware version, but this time I had re-downloaded the firmware onto a different flashdrive that had over 14gb of free space 2. rebooted the device, tried changing the IP address (and apply/reboot system) x2 3. Finally, my laptop pinged the panel, so I tried setting the CPU ip address again and applied the change (reboot) 4. Connected laptop to panel via UniLogic, and downloaded my application ( "Download ALL") Now I can finally get to controlling several linear actuator controllers via Ethernet (unfortunately no information in the manuals to tell you what the Class and Instance of the devices are though, but Ill contact IAI (Intelligent Actuator Industrial) if I cant figure it out. ---------------------------------------------------- and --------------------------- it happens quite a lot. happens if your program version doesnt match the firmware and software version of your PLC. You have to upgrade your PLCs program to match the version of unilogic you have on your computer. THEN, you have to upgrade the unitronics PLC to the same version. You will have to grab a flashdrive with about 16 GB of memory, copy the firmware files to the flashdrive, (wait for about 20 minutes for that to complete), then plug the flash drive into your Unistream PLC, upgrade PLC from the usb slot. Wait 30-40 minutes for that to complete. Finally, with your laptop or computer connected to your unistream PLC, go to remote update on unilogic. Youll see your PLC pop up on the list of devices you can connect to. go ahead and initiate that followed by a reboot. Youll finally be able to download your program to your plc. Unilogic software version has to match your program version which has to match your PLC firmware version. 1. update unilogic 2. update your program 3. copy firware to usb 4. connect usb to PLC and update plc firmware 5. connect PLC to laptop and run remote update 6. reboot PLC should boot up fine, be discoverable by your laptop, and go online with -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Attached are the pictures of the OS and CPU versions on the HMI. Thanks! IMG_1760~photo.HEIC IMG_1761~photo.HEIC IMG_1762~photo.HEIC
  2. Thanks Joe. We did reach out to Unitronics support in the US. They asked for the logs and we await support from Isreal to help resolve it. I will try with a 16GB flash drive. My colleagues were using a 6GB flash and it didnt work. I dont know if 16GB is the magic number. We even tried through an SD card but without any luck.
  3. I recently used V1.29.145 of Unilogic to download an application developed on 1.28 v24 to a Unistream US5/7-B5-B1. The unit firmware was uploaded and after which we get an CPU error. We tried cycling power, run CPU and reboot too from Unistream management but without any luck. Any guidance would help. We needed to release the software to a client and this issue has put our project in trouble.
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