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  1. Hi , That is correct I was touching the screen when image was taken. All buttons that I used in project are working.
  2. Thanks for response, My screens are working fine and are entered in Actions group. The problem is general. touch bit does not change state when I touch the screen.
  3. Hi, I am using USL-070-B05 display panel with USC-050-T24 PLC my problem is the general.touched bit is not working.
  4. Hi Alex, I only have two lines of ladder I0 Set O0 I1 Reset O0 I did compile and build , no errors no warnings. The only difference is I deleted two tags which I had set and reset output.
  5. I have just connected up Unilogic PLC USC-B5-T24 to do test. I have updated firmware and downloaded just a couple of lines of logic which was fine . I then changed those lines and now just get error when trying to download. Can anyone help.
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