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  1. Ya not sure what's going on and this is the only net I use all those operands. I ended up just creating a timer display value on the HMI screen and enabling the timer to be set via the controller's keypad. Should've done that at the start!
  2. This logic works for (MI 3) values between 1-5 minutes, but after that the timer will always be preset to about 5 and a half minutes. I'm assuming this issue has to do with the timer not having enough bits? I want to be able to store preset values ranging from 1-360 minutes, any way to do this? PLC is a V570. Thanks.
  3. Hi, I have a very high speed air cylinder that uses a laser sensor to give constant position feedback to the PLC. The PLC then sends out an analog output signal to a directional control valve depending on where the cylinder is in its current stroke. The goal is to extend the cylinder to a certain set point and right when it reaches the set point I want the cylinder to stop. The issue is because of the extremely high cylinder speeds, the current cylinder position undergoes a big change after the PLC has already finished updating the inputs to memory. Also by the time the PLC updates the ou
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