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  1. Joe thanks for the explanation. My intention was not to ask someone to do the routine for me. I believe that with your explanation I will be able to simulate something that meets my need. Thank you.
  2. Sorry @ Flex 727, if my question made you so furious ... It is according to your explanation I did not understand what value should I multiply by 100 ... only that ...
  3. Thanks for the quick response... Could you please show this calculation with a practical example with real numbers?
  4. Good afternoon! We are running an application to control an oven with recipe, ramp and landing, using a V430-J-RA22. The customer has a table where he puts the values of initial temperature, final temperature and time to leave the initial temperature and reach the final temperature. To reach the value of how much the temperature setpoint should be increased, we use the following equation: Final Temp - Start Temp / Time Ex: 250-120/90 = 1.44 ° C per minute -> that is, the setpoint must be increased by this value every minute In this way, we take this value and store it in a memory to ins
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