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  1. Thanks for the fast response! I just installed and tested on v1.30.52 Following events exist now: $("#widgetV0f4f3bbf1be34d4c8cc57c87093239c3").on("pointerup",function(){c()}); $("#widgetV0f4f3bbf1be34d4c8cc57c87093239c3").keyup(function(){execute0f4f3bbf1be34d4c8cc57c87093239c3Actions(); n=!1}); $("#widgetV0f4f3bbf1be34d4c8cc57c87093239c3").on("pointerdown",function(){l()}); $("#widgetV0f4f3bbf1be34d4c8cc57c87093239c3").keydown(function(t){n||t.keyCode!=32||(n=!0,execute0f4f3bbf1be34d4c8cc57c87093239c3Actions())}); $("#widgetV0f4f3bbf1be34d4c8cc57c87093239c3").keyup(function(){n
  2. Hi Everybody, I have created an application for an offset machine (a printer for plastic packaging like flower pots). We can move inker motors in position (x, y, z). It works like a charm and we are very happy with it. Now we want to be able to use an android tablet connected to the wifi of the machine to make adjustments. We do not want to use VNC, because this is just not an ideal way for a "permanent" setup. I have created an android app which connects to the webserver and shows the web page. This also works perfectly, but... The buttons on the screen only react on "release" an
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