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  1. Ladder execution was around the 3500uS consistantly. I'm not sure what the scan time is - is this in the General.structure?
  2. Hi All, New firmware has solved this one.. Ghosts in the machine unfortunately. Looking through the release notes there isn't anything that specifically addresses the issue. Regards, Louis.
  3. Hi Guys, Yeah the routine containing the timer is called un-conditionally. This bug is effecting every timer in the project.. It shouldn't matter if the subroutine is called un-conditionally or not; when the timer is enabled the processor 'tics' should be being used in the 'TON' instruction to account for discrepancies in cycle time - there seems to be an issue here.. I am using 1.29.111 at the moment - their tech support guys have asked me to go to the lastest (1.30.52) which has come out in the last 2 days so I'll give that a try & let you know about cycle times. Reg
  4. Here is a video of the problem happening.. I added a seperate free-running timer to show whats happening:
  5. FYI - on the picture the timer 'M100A_Rev TMR.out' normally open contact is not the same timer as the one in the red rectangle. All timers in the project start misbehaving once I toggle the 'Enable Communications' bit for the VFD. Please see the attached picture - I am starting to think this is a firmware bug.
  6. Hey thanks, I just tried to email the code through but it didn;t send as its 21Mb. Ill cut it down to 5Mb or so and try to send it through with an explaination. Regards, Louis.
  7. Hi, I have an application where the PLC/HMI is talking to VFDs in the native UniLogic hardware configuration. I have timers in my application that work fine initally; however when I turn off the 'Enable Communication' bit in any VFD instance and then turn it on again - none of the timers work properly!! I can watch the timer current value counting down and it is nowhere near the real-time value.. Is seems very buggy to me. Has anyone experienced this? Can a Unitronics engineer have a look into this at all? Regards, Louis.
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