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  1. Thanks for the replies, folks. Sounds like I'm outta luck on this topic. Yeah, I'll need to decide if shortening all the names is worth the effort for this go-around, but probably will just deal with it for now.
  2. Hi everyone, brand new to Unilogic, and for my first job, I'm troubleshooting/editing an existing program. Since the tagnames used in this program are fairly long, when I look through the ladder logic, I can't quickly identify any of the contacts or coils, I need to hover the mouse over each one at a time to see the names. Is there any way to change the display settings so that the tagname display field is either wider, or gets taller to use more than one line to display the complete tagname? I see I can zoom the size of the rungs in and out, but this doesn't help, since the font changes size
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