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  1. Wooo, it worked. You're a legend. Thank you very much Joe. Odd thing, i had gone online with the plc a number of times, and the little blue numbers above the MI0 were all set to 620? It was like they were stuck there. I had no idea what those numbers meant at the time. Once i'd ticked the small box next to the plug, the blue numbers reset to 0 and everything started working. It makes much more sense for the final equation ( >= )when you can see the numbers increment with each button push. Thanks again.
  2. Hi Joe, Thanks, I could kind of follow most of that surprisingly. Although it also made my head hurt. 😱. At first i didn't understand the 10,20,30 etc, but found a much earlier state machine demo of yours which explained they were just numbers you used to allow room to add things in later. The final net confuses me, i can't figure out why the value of D#20 was there? I did load this up, and assigned a button to the MB0 trigger, but as soon as the plc was powered on the output also turned on, and nothing i did seemed to change that.
  3. Hi Flex, thank you for that. That is almost what I'm trying to do. The first 3 rungs work as desired, but the 4th rung, while it does shut the output off, it also restarts the timer and after 5 secs the output comes back on. I need it to stay off until the button is pressed for the 3rd time and so on . Basically: (1st press)start-delay-output on / (2nd press)stop-delay-output off, repeat etc. The button in this case represents an inductive proximity sensor that is triggered several times a minute to start and stop glue flow onto timber. The delays will be operator adjustable to fine tune the start/stop positions to prevent glue wastage.
  4. Thanks, that's exactly it. The help file is almost describing the opposite of what happens.
  5. The attached image is taken directly from the help file on timers. The way it reads to me is, A button is pushed, a timer runs for X amount of time, and then an output is turned on. But every time i try and run this, i get the following result. Button is pushed, output is turned on immediately, timer runs for X amount of time, and then the output goes off. If i change the timer to TD, it kind of works more like i thought this would, except the button must be held down continuously, which is not what i need. I am a novice at this, and am kinda fiddling around trying to get a handle on it. I am using a v350. Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening? pb1.vlp
  6. Thanks Kratmel, I located the chip and measured 24v input but only 1v output. Also, 24v power supply is measuring correct 24v. Thanks Ausman, everything looks solid and clean. I think it it can only have been the nasty fairies. Thank you to those who responded.
  7. Hi everyone I have three V350-35-TA24’s running identical wiring, programming, jumpers etc. They have been running trouble free for 5-6 years up until now, controlling fluid pumps. One of them has seemingly experienced a failure of both analogue outputs. The jumpers are still in place. Digital outputs still work fine. Inputs work fine. This output was using 4-20mA to control a proportional pressure regulator. I have swapped the faulty unit out with the other two working units and the fault follows along. I have only ever used A0, and so tried switching to A1 but still nothing. A1 had never been used prior to this. I think these would be individually fused? I have re-loaded the program in-case some sort of file corruption had occurred. The only thing I haven’t tried, is swapping out the plug in I/O board with one of the other known working units, to find out if it's the I/O or the PLC itself. I am nervous about trying this as I can’t afford to have a second one fail if something has caused a component to blow. I’m 99% sure this is a hardware failure. Does anyone have a suggestion of something to check, or is it likely toast? Is there a schematic of the board available? Is it possible to buy just the I/O board? Regards Nick
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