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  1. I'm understanding now. Thank you! I've taken these steps and it seems to be giving me the data I expected.
  2. I see that the resolution says 12 bit at "fast mode" and 14 bit at "normal mode" I had assumed normal speed is default, maybe this was a bad assumption? And is there a reason I should be using 2.1 instead of 2.3? Does it have to deal with the literal amount of data being transferred due to the resolution size?
  3. Unfortunately, I'm using Visilogic. Here is the screen where I select the type of input. I'm trying to use a 0-10V sensor that measures UV intensity. The scale is supposed to be 0V = 0 uW/cm^2 to 10V = 10uW/cm^2. I seem to be getting some strange data and I'm sure it's due to the fact that I have something configured wrong. I am trying to bypass translating the 14 bit resolution into 0-10V and go directly from scaling 0-16383 to 0-10uW/cm^2. Is This valid or do I first need to translate into 0-10V and then translate that into UV intensity? I've attached a screenshot of this too. I should add t
  4. I should've added this before, but I'm also having trouble with a 0-10V Analog input. Do I need to use a linearization block to scale the 0-10V into what's actually useful? Also, is there a way to see what my raw analog input voltage value is?
  5. I'm trying to read a temperature in Celsius with a type K Thermocouple. I'm reading 252, which seems to be off by a factor of 10 because 25.2 would actually make sense. Is there some way I should be scaling this? I'm bringing the value in as MI, should I be using ML?
  6. UPDATE: I've gotten the USB connection to work. Now, my question is if I want to switch to Ethernet, how do I configure the IP address for the PLC? Thanks.
  7. I have installed the USB driver for Visilogic from the Communication/USB tab in Visilogic.... or at least I've tried to. I have done this several times and still when I plug the PC into the PLC it doesn't even show up as a device. I'm not exactly sure how to select a COM port either. I open the device manager and can highlight anything and tab through the properties, disable, uninstall, etc. but there is no "select" option. As for the TCP/IP, I believe it was error 210. It was suggesting that I check to make sure the cable was making good connection, told me to check IP, etc. I t
  8. I am having the same problem as Chay. I keep getting "Communication Driver Error Port Number 1 (207)" when I try to download to the Samba via USB. I have the USB cable connected to the SAMBA PLC and have tried every USB port on my laptop. I tried to scrap this totally and go with Ethernet, but when I try to go that route, I keep getting TCP/IP errors. Would it make sense for both communication methods failing to be a coincidence or does this seem like some sort of network issue on the PC end? I don't know enough about Unitronics to be able to decide on my own if the issue is in the PLC or the
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