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  1. didn't work, actually i changed de input to ohms and nothing, same error
  2. how can i reset the PLC? i found switch to factory boot in visilogic but the PLC screen just turned red
  3. yes is a 3 wires PT100, two of them to 7 and 8 inputs and common to 4
  4. i replaced the IO board and doesn't work, i have 4 PT100 and doesn't work with any , i just hace one connected with the PLC but i changed the PT100 input and was the same prpblem :c
  5. the wires and jumpers are well connected, what could be wrong with the PLC?
  6. i measured the PT100 (connected in the plc) and marks 110 ohms, it can be a continuity problem in the connections ports?
  7. The value is 32767, but doesn't have sense because the other PT100 port have the same value (not used), l think plc is not reading PT100 ohms, but again, with other PLC, the same program and PT100 it does
  8. Hi, i have a PT100 and it was working normally, but yesterday i turned off the PLC and when i turned on agan the display in the HMI (variable,numeric) did not showed me numers, just "**.*", i thought the wires were disconected or something but no, i tried with another plc (are the same, SM35-J-RA22) and it works, with the same PT100 and program, i don't know what i have to do, sorry for my english xD
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