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  1. It seems that we made wire incorrectly (we've connected Rx to Rx, and Tx to Tx), but it's correct now. Printer is printing, but some letters are wrong. I made it print all letters and numbers, it's on the photo. Is it problem with controller settings? EDIT: I'm trying to change character set in printer, but I only changed from Hanyu Pinyin to Greek, some commands doesn't seem to work.
  2. Hi! I'm having some problems with printer. Although programming is correct (I think, support form Poland helped me with that), it won't print anything. I don't know if that's connection problem or some invalid code part. I'm working on Unitronics V350-J-TRA22, printer is CSN-A2L connected by RS232. RS232 socket in controller is converted to RJ11; RS232 socket in printer is converted to XH/3PIN, so I have to remake wire. I checked it, and wiring should be okay. Is it possible to check connection between controller and printer? Can you, please, take a look at attached file and see what could possibly go wrong? Only the first 5 lines are responsible for printing, others are just maths. Pomiar wysokości 4 z drukarka.vlp
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