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  1. Thank you very much Joe, I did indeed contact the support, and I've have a nice discussion with them. This is what came out of it: So I can safely drop the other 8. Hope that helps someone else one day
  2. Thanks for the tip, but this contains a compiled DLL. I guess it is using PCOM but I cannot use this DLL because the platform I'm developping on is not Windows. I need the PCOM command and its description.
  3. Hi!! I already went through this topic, but I'd like to know more and dig further. the structure is saved inside the PLC in a compressed form, so even if you read it you will not be able to decode it because you don't have the decompression algorithm "Even if you read it". This. How can PCOM be used to do the read? I'll take care of the compression algorithm next
  4. Thanks Gabriel. That's helpful for my application right now, but to tell the truth, I'm developping a module that aims to fully support the PCOM protocol so covering all cases is essential and "I don't know but it works" won't cut it unfortunately Maybe most of the 12 bytes I see in VisiLogic are reserved and always set to 0, but I must know that. I'm also writing to Timer columns so I must know what those 12 bytes mean.
  5. Thanks! If I understand correctly, CopyMemory reads 4 bytes, right? That would make sens for a normal long integer, but I count 12 bytes for the timer column in VisiLogic, that is, the Timer column is at address 20209, and the next column is at address 20221. I need to fully understand what's happening.
  6. Through a PCOM command to read the datatable. That's why I posted in the PCOM forum
  7. HI!! I'm reading a datatable that has a column of type "Timer". There is not much information on this. I found that its 12 bytes long and setting a cell to its maximum value through VisiLogic's monitor (99:59:59.99), I read [0, 0, 255, 80, 37, 2, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0] (values may be in reverse order) How do I make sens of those values?
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