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  1. First of all, thank you guys for your effort. I appreciate your help. I have to check tomorrow with SD card issue as per your helpful instructions given above. Something else that I've noticed while I was trying to connect the pumps. I tried different pumps, 3 of them and I got the same message from the V700 PLC controller. "Dosing Pump 1 Start Fault". As I told you before the instructions to follow for the set-up is very simple. It is enough to follow the number and place them to the correct corresponding numbers. (Cable label 1 place it to the socket label1 and so o
  2. Hello guys, Ive tried hard to connect all power and other related connectivity parts of the Unitronics V700 but when when I tyrn it on shows SD Card Not Present. It was easy to install due to instructions the supplier have been given to me. The set up is like this; The PLC is connected with two Pumps. Each pump has the tags on the Power cabling, Input, Output and Relay Out cables and it very easy to set it up I have just to follow the numbers order and Ive checked more than twice. Its driven me creazy. Ive had set up before PLC with one pump and everything fine with
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