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  1. Thank you ,Aus , for you comment. I am a bit confused about this Solution. I know it takes time, but if it was possible please send me Ladder diagram. That would be Awesome. Best regards, Ali
  2. That's exactly what I want to do, to inform the user about that it is going to end and constant light means it ends. Thank you for the instruction, I will try this. The user can change the Timer and for compare part I think I should do this: For example T/2< Mi<T , T/3<Mi<T/2 MI< T/3 and Mi = 0 Is That right ??
  3. Hello everyone, I have an issue, I want to make one of my output ( a LAMP) blinking with the timer (TD). by starting timer blink slowly and when it get to end of the timer blink fast. a pulse with elapsed Time... I try everything but could not solve that. please help ! Best regards
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