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  1. Thats what I meant (an operand). Let's say you want to count hours. And when it reaches a specific amount of hours it resets. That specific amount of hours is set by the user. The "equal" comparing tool in visilogic only works if you put two operands of the same type. When a user sets the specific amount hours how to store that amount on that place:
  2. Thank you guys for the help! I watched lots of youtube tutorials to learn the basics of VisiLogic. I know how everything is done. The problem I'm having is about the setting a signed constant. If there is a way to set a signed constant on HMI - thats the connection I cannot find. But as you recommended I'll watch the tutorials again to see if I missed something. KR
  3. Hello colleagues! I'm using my Samba 43 to create a simple timer. It counts seconds (SB 3) when there is a signal on a particular input. When it reaches a certain amount of hours it resets. I want to set the amount of hours on HMI. Just an idea: ... I put ML 0 to B**(D# 24) Is there a chance to store a signed constant? Or how is this usually made? I tried with storing counters instead of signed constants? but it still doesnt work. Any ideas? Thank you, KR
  4. Hello there! I'm looking for a way to set two time variables that can be set on HMI and the third time variable which would be the sum of T1 and T2 ... Is there any easy way to do it? Here's a quick (BUT WRONG) representation of the idea: Thanks in advance! KR
  5. Thank you @Flex727! The combination of Positive Transition Contact and Set Coil made the thing much clearer and easier! Here's the visual representation of the state in the 3rd net (according to your image) The 2nd and the 3rd valve need to make space for the main cylinder (1st valve) and then as soon as it is enough space for both (2nd and 3rd valves) cylinders they get back to "high" state. And that's the whole cycle... Thank you very much
  6. Hey everyone! I need a little bit of help with my ladder logic program 😅 So the thing is, I am controlling three valves with Samba 43. The whole process is about opening and closing valves: To start the cycle I need to set all my outputs to low state. This is the condition that allows me to start the process. Then I press the START button on the HMI. The first valve opens by going into the high state. After two seconds, the second and the third valve open. They wait in that state for another two seconds then they close. As soon as they close, the first valve closes as well. The last step is to open first and second valve again. They wait there until the initial condition button is pressed. That's it! I'm not quite good in ladder logic so I tried to simplify it as much as I could, but it doesn't work.. Any ideas? Thank you so much, KR
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