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  1. As an update: I have spoken with the head of tech support, they will add it the wish list. So as christmas is not that far your wishes will come true.. sometimes
  2. Good morning. Thanks for your effort. I have already a ticket going on with the support team of unitronics but it seems to be a dead end. As software update is mandetory for this project we may have to rethink our strategy but there are not a lot of cost efficent -20°C HMI build in PLC in the market. (Vision HMI are starting at 0°C) But again thanks anyway.
  3. May I ask another question. As this could be our first unitronics project. I have basically only two ways to update (at unistream5): 1.) With an IP/USB connection and uniLogic download or 2.) a USB DOK and user has to open uniApps->User App Upgrade->Import Application? This sounds also a little bit bulky. Is there at least a way to start an User App Upgrade from Logic? So User App recognizes the DOK and starts the update itself? Thanks
  4. Good morning. A FTP transfer to a present SD Card would be fussible and the PLC has to update then via the application. The main purpose is an automated update process can you imagine to update > 100 remote PLCs with UniLogic? And we are on a mobile projects so it might be possible to not have a stable internet connection. So it would be more secure do download the SW first to our edge device and start then the process. We do this with our own electronic in multiple ways (wifi, LTE-> send to microcontroller, store locally, ask user/or even no confirmation on some projects and update)
  5. Dear forum, we are evaluating a new projects ~100 Unistream US5-B5-T42 per year. We are focusing now an issue this PLCs will have all the same software and are connected to an edge device (linux embedded system with LTE modem) to our IoT Platform. We use ModbusTCP for data exchange, all fine. We have for other projects a roll out functioniality in out IoT platform and edge device software. So now the question: Is there a chance to update the user app of the PLC remotley without the UniLogic Software or usb drive? The problem is not the connection possibility itself but we have to update lets say 200 PLC next year so it would be not very convient to do that seperatley with an UniLogic download. And 200 updates via USB stick will always not work as there are no technicans on site. Thanks
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