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  1. Thank you guys for your answers. As Kratmel is writing best solution is use encoder with 24VDC. But I was looking everywhere and i cant find encoder (a, b signal and also click function) for 24Vdc only for 5V. If you now name please write it to me and i will be most happy man in the world :-D. I dont want convert my 24vdc to 5vdc put it to encoder and back with level shifter to 24vdc, but it looks to use signal level shifter is only one option what I have. If you have some idea please write me. Thank you all !!
  2. Hello guys I need help I have unitronics plc US5-B5-TA30 and I´m really satisfied with this product. I want connect encoder via high speed inputs. Encoder will be for HMI because we dont want use touch, only encoder so we need left, right and click. I was testing this type of encoder (alps alpine EC11B). When I put there 24V it was worked perfect, but in datasheet they write max voltage for encoder is only 5V. Is there any solution how I can do it ? Thanks for your answer Jozef
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