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  1. Ausman I read what is on the link. Thanks for the good advice. Regards B.A
  2. Hi Ausman I hope it will be good now. Regards B.A
  3. Hello Support don't answer, I need help. USC-B10-B1 so far i have used version 1.30.62 Unitronics UniLogic everything is fine. I downloaded version 1.31.106 today. This error occurs several times after each update, not even the PLC goes.This is an error message. I put back the old version it works fine. Thank you in advance for your answer. Regards B.A
  4. I made a separate website. IP: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/Module2/Info,based on the description you wrote,so it works perfectly. Thanks for the help. Regards B.A.
  5. Hi I need help. PLC: USC-B10-B1 The website working only with full access? The user can only watch, there is an option. Where can I find your setting for viewing only? Thank you in advance for your help. Regards B.A.
  6. Hi I looked at the forum but i can't find a solution anywhere. Web VNC works on the LAN connection. I want to use it via the web. I have a fixed IP address. I want to use mobile and tablet. I ask for help in solving it. Greetings B.A
  7. Hello AlexUT Thanks for the help. I did it. That's how I solved it. Regards B.A.
  8. Hi It was my fault. PCL and HMI Greetings B.A.
  9. Hi Thank you for your answer. I understood how adding numbers works, I did a little example. Regards B.A.
  10. Hi Ausman Thank you for your answer Sorry for the bad english. I can do this to calculate, divide by minutes, or seconds, or hours etc. I can't add the measured results to get the total. example 12+25+35+45=117-total Regards B.A.
  11. Hi 4-20ma is the incoming signal, flow measuring device, the data is there just i can't add them up, the total amount of fluid flowing through the meter per day / month. Thanks in advance for your help. Regards B.A.
  12. Hi I need help. Thanks in advance. B.A.
  13. Problem solved! There was a problem with our DNS server. Greetings. B.A.
  14. Yes time/date is correct. The problem is the same after Off / On . PLC starts with the same date / time. I tried programming from another pc but it stays that way.
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