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  1. Hi Thanks for the reply. I sent it. Greetings B.A.
  2. Hi all. USC-B10-B1, UIS-WCB1, UID-0808R,HMI USL-070-B05 or USC-B5-B1, UIS-WCB1, UID-0808R, HMI USL-070-B05. Everything works fine as long as I load 4 programs on the PLC, this image is displayed after every 5th program upload. The image will be small. This error is present in someone else. Reboot and works again for up to 4 uploads. There is a solution to this error. Greetings B.A.
  3. Hello Ausman I thought writing on the table was harder to read and went easily. I got stuck with a simple solution. But this forum is good for people to help each other. Sorry for my bad english. Greetings B.A.
  4. Hi Joe T Thank you very much for your quick reply. Works perfectly. I read the schedule from a table. When the time is the same, in one of the rows on the Table, the output turns on. I need 20 different schedules a day. Greetings B.A.
  5. Hello everyone. I need help. The schedule works, with one schedule. I need 20 schedules for one output. I can't do multiple schedules for one output. This is what needs help. That's how i did it. Thank you in advance for your help. Greetings B.A.
  6. Ausman I read what is on the link. Thanks for the good advice. Regards B.A
  7. Hi Ausman I hope it will be good now. Regards B.A
  8. Hello Support don't answer, I need help. USC-B10-B1 so far i have used version 1.30.62 Unitronics UniLogic everything is fine. I downloaded version 1.31.106 today. This error occurs several times after each update, not even the PLC goes.This is an error message. I put back the old version it works fine. Thank you in advance for your answer. Regards B.A
  9. I made a separate website. IP: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/Module2/Info,based on the description you wrote,so it works perfectly. Thanks for the help. Regards B.A.
  10. Hi I need help. PLC: USC-B10-B1 The website working only with full access? The user can only watch, there is an option. Where can I find your setting for viewing only? Thank you in advance for your help. Regards B.A.
  11. Hi I looked at the forum but i can't find a solution anywhere. Web VNC works on the LAN connection. I want to use it via the web. I have a fixed IP address. I want to use mobile and tablet. I ask for help in solving it. Greetings B.A
  12. Hello AlexUT Thanks for the help. I did it. That's how I solved it. Regards B.A.
  13. Hi It was my fault. PCL and HMI Greetings B.A.
  14. Hi Thank you for your answer. I understood how adding numbers works, I did a little example. Regards B.A.
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