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  1. Hello Joe and colleagues.. Did you get a litle time to test the code? Thanks Fábio
  2. Hello Ron. Thanks, but my Ethernet communication is working well. I forgot to remove the MB90 when I adapt the code to send here. Fábio
  3. Hi Joe and DanT, Sorry again for the delay. Not every day I can be near the machine to do the tests. In INFO mode I can see that exactly what I'm sending is coming. (Attached photo). In that case I sent 999999+CR+LF. However, even configuring as DanT recommended or some similar ways, I still receive "-1" in status. I am attaching the program. Again I appreciate the help. Fábio TDCV500N-V430-0.1.14 - apenas protocolo.vlp
  4. Hi Joe, Thanks for the tips and help. However, I still have no communication. Just getting error -1. I tried exchanging the MI for an ML and it didn't solve. Then I tried using exactly the configuration you presented (stream with vector and with termination after 10mS) and other similar settings, such as 1 byte for a link, and none has worked yet. It may be that the problem lies elsewhere. The memory tab shows no value, even after online. It's normal? Could I be sending something wrong through the serial emulator? I am just using the "send" field and putting a number
  5. Hello Kratmel and Joe.. Sorry by the long delay in return. Firstly really thank you for the solution, I think that it will works very well. Secondly I wish to you a very good new year!! with many achievements. I implemented the code as you suggest, and according the manuals and toturials, but as a result I always get the error "-1". What can I be doing wrong? See how the code is in imagens bellow. To simulate the message, I am using the terminal suggest by Joe, with a simple message "999999#013#010", being #013 the CR and #010 the LF. Answering you kratmel,
  6. Hello Joe and Kratmel. Really thanks again. Ok, now I understand how to this. I will implement this communication on the day after tomorrow, because I am travelling, and than I comment here. Kratmel, You said that it is possible to simulate by sending messages from PC. Could you point me to some software to do this? I will need this, because I have the PLC but I don't have yet the TLB module. Thanks Fábio
  7. Hum.. Ok, now I think that I understand.. When you said FB, I mistook it with fieldbus, but in really are you suggesting me to use modbus, right?! Ok, so I configured Modbus over port1 with "COM INIT", and "MODBUS CONFIG", on Main Routine. After that, I put the "Read float registers" of the "FB's/modbus" on my Interrupt 2.5mS Routine. But I reduce the frequency at a half with a flag, so it will read every 5mS. Could you please give me more information about how can I simulate a Slave with my PC? Thanks again.. Fábio
  8. Thank you Kratmel. I never used this protocols, like Fieldbus, so my doubt is how many milliseconds this block "Read" of Fieldbus take to capture a new value of the bus? Because I read that the modbus protocol take at least 100ms to complete a read. Even that this "FB read block" operate in second plan, its lead time to read a new value couldn't pass of 5ms. You think that it's possible? Thanks Fábio
  9. Hello, I have a V430-J-T2 and I need to read really fast a measurement of a load cell from a digital module (model TLB from Laumas). This module has many protocols, as Modbus-RTU, Canopen, modbus-tcp, profibus-DP, Profinet-IO, and others. In my CLP, I already using the ethernet in application (with aditional module), so I am thinking in use the profibus or modbus-RTU to comunicate with this Load-cell module. But my application requires that I read this value at least 200 times per second. It is almoust 1 read per scan. It's possible to vincule an MI or ML by one of thi
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