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  1. I am only interested in MI3 and I only use it for linearization, when it is reading current it does not present problems, it is when it reads voltage that it does not receive a signal. my problem is that I have never been able to use those analog inputs using voltage nor can I find an example where they do it in this v130 tr6
  2. The wiring is fine, even at this moment it is reading another humidity sensor from 4 to 20 ma in the last analog outputs and the sensor is effectively delivering a voltage of 0 to 5
  3. good morning I have not been able to use these inputs as voltage readers, arrange the jumpers according to the manual but the allocated memory does not present any byte regardless of the voltage change, my having the same ground between the plc and the sensor.
  4. I do not understand how to use the implicit decimal number, when I made calculations with MI they did not let me do multiplication by number with comma and my problem is that the Bar only reaches a range of 0 to 1.5 bar, as it should, I see that when using an MI data is lost after the comma which I need to show as well
  5. because I am doing a conversion of the MI output of the linearization with a multiplication block in float because they are numbers like 0.36 to change units from InHG to BAR and the output is given to me in float.
  6. good morning someone knows how to change the format of an MF when displaying it in the HMI, in order to save space, since it shows as 5 digits after the comma, but I need that space
  7. good afternoon I need to know how to load a value from a floating memory in a store that I use to load several values to a memory that later I visualize it on an HMI screen. I need, according to three different states, to load any of the three values of these floats into that memory.
  8. with the ignition function you could reset the variables that activate the output, but exactly what would be the ignition function. SB2?
  9. Good morning I am using a code so that when the plc is turned off it returns to its previous screen but I need to use another additional instruction because if before turning off some output is working when it is turned on it returns to the screen and continues with the output activated which can damage any actuator that is being driven by that output, how can I solve it
  10. It already worked, thank you very much for your help, the error I was making applies to all lines of ladder code?
  11. my error must be when using the MI he should save in the block the memory on the screen where I am
  12. I corrected it but it still works the same, it starts from the first screen defined
  13. In the code it is in the main with T and M that I did not have in use, only that I gave them a name to be part that you gave me
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