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  1. I have sorted out most with help of you guys, thanks. I think there is some issue between hex to ASCII conversion whilst sending on protocol. I was trying to send HEX as ASCII but wasn't working then I inserted relevant ASCII characters to which sensor responded. Do I need to convert stored value to ASCII first then link in Scan FB Protocol? Also, Scan FB is working on when I insert checksum byte as control character as shown below. As a variable it is not working, is it the same issue of ASCII to HEX conversion? Thanks
  2. Thanks By info mode, I assume that it sniffers everything has been received (RX)? Even it doesn't fulfill the scan criteria. Once, the buffer is reset it is gone? Secondly, I used store block to store value of EA020113 in MI-1 but during online test it showed only lower 2 bytes i.e. 0113 as shown below. Then I used EE12 instead. Regards Shahid
  3. Dear Joe T. Thanks for replying and will follow as per your suggestion. I connected sensor with PC on RS232 and response was as follow for the same request. I have only port that is the problem. I think the checksum byte is also fine in scan function. Thanks
  4. Hello everyone, I have just completed this program and want some suggestions/ inputs before testing to get this done efficiently. I'll be really grateful for any suggestions/ errors pointed out. This is the overall program. Initialized com port Protocol Configuration I need to send this request and stored EA020113 in MI-1. Stored value (EA020113) is sent after 100ms interval. This is the send protocol which I have used. Following is the expected response from the sensor. I have used STX, 2 byte variable and c
  5. Thank you very much for replies. I have gone through some of the examples and I will be using FB Protocol not Modbus. Once, I'm finished, I will show here to see if there is/ are any mistakes. Thanks a lot Shahid
  6. Thanks for the reply I have attached pics of the protocol used by sensor. For RS485, it supports polling EE (Controller sends 2 byte message and Sensor No. 2 responds with only speed message) and EA (Controller sends 4 byte command and sensor responds in A Format). I just need a simple example for init com, polling EE, receiving response and display it on HMI for now. Using this example , I will go for and EF (configuring). Thanks
  7. Hello Everyone, I am new to this community and to Unitronics PLC. I have worked on the PLCs but I am not familiar with Unitronics PLC and its software. I am trying to connect with sensor that responds to data over RS485 (polling). I have the sensor registers and commands that are obviously in ASCII. I need to write and read from sensor over RS485. Can someone please just provide me a sample program to initialize COM, Send Command, Read Response and display this on HMI? I just a sample then I can workout for the whole program, the controller I am using is V130-33-T38.
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