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  1. I know, but I already have several devices for collecting temperature and humidity which work on the MODBUS protocol. So thank you for the reminder, but for now I stay with the option to find a V200-19-RS4.
  2. Yeah. I definately don't have that. like Joe T mentioned, i think i have a model before 2012 which did not come along with a configurable RS232/RS485 port. So nothing left for me then to try to obtain a V200-19-RS4(X). The only problem is that I live in the Netherlands. Shipping costs via ebay is almost as expensive as the V200-19-RS4 itself. In the Netherlands I can only purchase this item if I had my own company (which is not the case 😀). But i figure something out. Thank you everyone for your contribution in this item. Leyke
  3. I know the documentation. But that's just it, my V280 says otherwise as the documentation. I already removed the back end. Believe me, there are no sets of jumpers on my V280. If I get the time, I will take a picture of it.
  4. Hi, For personal use I'm using a V280-18-B20B with a V200-18-E1B. snap-in module. In order to register temperatures, I'm going to use a (third party) Pt100 I/O-module which communicates via MODBUS RTU. According to the documentation I would have to configure comm. port 2 of the V280, through jumper settings, for RS485 communication. And, again according the documentation, these jumpers must be present on the circuit board directly behind comm. port 1 and port 2. But unfortunately in my case there are no jumpers on my V280 to set comm. port 2 to RS485. Several questions popping up
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