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  1. Hi All, I have recently started a project controlling a servo motor for re-rolling labels. I have some mild PLC experience using Siemens but I have never set one up from scratch myself. Never used Unistream either. At this point in time I'm just focusing on sending a HSO to the servo using the Pulse Output on the URD-02PU. I have searched around but as these modules are so new I am having troubling finding information. https://support.unitronics.com/index.php?/selfhelp/view-article/Remote-IO-Pulse That is really all I can find. I'm unsure how I am to utilize this module to set up step & direction control. My understanding is: - I need to allocate a Binary output from the Module to set Direction (High = Clockwise, Low = CCW) - Write a number to either the "Pulse Quantity Output" or "Frequency Output" to set the "steps" - Send that required number to the servo via one of the outputs. Is this basic summation correct? Hopefully you can help. Or even some form of detailed description for this module would be greatly appreciated. Let me know if you need more information. Thank you. Cheers, Jacob
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