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  1. Yes. Every time I connect the plc I check the COM port and assign it, the problem is that it is set to a specific one, regardless of changing the physical port, the COM assigned is the same for each USB port. I knew that the COM entries were free, that no device was using them. I don't know if it is a problem in the control side, the connection is simple, however I have had problems
  2. Good morning, at this moment I have this connection problem and I would like to know how you solved it if possible, I appreciate the collaboration that you can give me. The plc that I am working with is a V350-J-R34. I worked it on my pc without problems but I had to change computers and I could not establish a connection again. The connection was made usb-usb V3 I download the software version 9.8.91, install the usb driver version and check the com port, the baud rate is working at 115200, however it does not connect.
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