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  1. Good evening. What I have is a SM70-J-T20. We are using it has a Batch Counter with two inputs and one output. See attached PLC file and Drawing. Input I:8 is used for a forever counter, never resets till it reaches the 8th digital. Input I:9 is used for the Batch Counter and when reached a preset number will activate the Output (sprayer). The problem. I need to convert I:8 into a Hi Speed Input and wire it accordingly. I need help with that. I did leave the original counter and sensor has a backup if we lost the HMI/PLC. The original sensor is unknown but it is a PNP. The new one for the I:8 input is a Sick PNP IME18-05BPSZC0S. When looking at the counters the new counter falls behind in count, example after a week of running the new sensor will fall behind about 1 feet. We are counting in feet on our press. SO over time it will continue to fall back. The two sensors are mounted on the same bracket but separated about 1 3/4" inches from center of each other. Because they are unshielded. Thank you David Taiyo5BatchCounterV2.vlp
  2. Good Evening, new to this forum and new to program with Unitronics. I will attach my program so yall can see what I am doing, trying to do. And Thank you in advance. I made a simple program that will allow two different prox to read and output data (numbers). One will be a forever timer and the other with be for presets and allow a sprayer to mark at said preset. Along with other bells and whistles. My next project is to write a script that will allow Feet Per Minute (tachometer) meter to show on the display. Things I don't know would be sensor type to use and how to program it to show it on the display. I think I have the wiring down. The two other sensors are PNP 3 wire 24 DC. The solenoid for the sprayer is 24v 2 wire. Taiyo5BatchCounterV2WithRPM.vlp
  3. Good Evening, new to this forum and new to program with Unitronics. I had a similar question but on the SM70-J-T20. It states it is defaulted to PNP, but in the above manual there should be a jumper to switch from PNP to NPN, JP1. I removed the back and did not see a JP1 to switch from PNP to NPN. Is that even needed? Can't I just change how the sensor is wired to the PLC? Thank you
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