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  1. Thank you Joe. I downloaded 1.31.146 and forced an OS update, but still had the serial number problem. The Unitronics support team looked into it and as I understand it there was a problem on the UniCloud server with the details of the PLC with that specific serial number. They were able to resolve it from their end after which I could successfully create the asset and start creating dashboards etc on UniCloud.
  2. Thank you AlexUT. I have since read that the model we have been using in the past year or so is Unicloud ready but doesn't come with the 5 year subscription. I'll contact our local supplier for the options.
  3. I am setting up a new Unistream Pro US5-B10-T24 and I am experimenting with the UniCloud option. After following the tutorial to the point where I need to create the asset from UniApps, the creation fails with this message: "The PLC serial is invalid (response 400, code 1)". The PLC is connected to the internet, and manages to log in to a UniCloud account I have set up. It also automatically populates the serial number field in the create asset form. Is the specific PLC not supported, or does it perhaps need to somehow be registered from the vendor's end? We procured it earlie
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