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  1. Thank you both very much for your expert help, much appreciated 👍
  2. Yeah I have seen this and was wondering if the PTO Output handle the resistance: But I assume this mean I can use O1 to drive the high resistance? or is this a range for these output? Is this indicating that the higher load increases the turn off time? Cheers
  3. Hi I am trying to drive a Gecko Stepper Drive from a UNISTREAM PLC I have the UID 0808-THS (PTO) module and the Gecko drive already so I am to some degree committed to these components. The issue is that the Gecko only works with a 5V input and my understanding is the PLC only outputs 24V? is this correct or when you configure the system to run as a PTO it switch to a NPN type contact with no Voltage? Does the OUTPUT O0 and O1 turn into a NPN type connection that can have its own power supply or will they still produce a 24V PTO signal when activated?
  4. Hi Swervo I had a similar issue and I used the "webserver" in unilogic to create a nice HMI and ran a touch screen and a Raspberry PI on the other side of the machine to feed data to the "far" side operator. I didn't quite get to write a load script for the Raspberry Pi but operators seemed more than comfortable opening the web browser and having the home page set to the PLC web page. Cheers Andrew
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