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  1. For safety, I kept my initial wiring for the output side : the feeding of the outputs is going through a contactor linked to emergency stop. Consequently, if emergency stop is activated, all the outputs are no more feeded and the actuators, electric motor, etc stop. With this, safety of the machine is correct. For the battery, as my initial issue seems to be solved, I will let the Jazz as it is and hope the battery will be OK for a long time 😉
  2. Finally, I can work this week on the Jazz issue. I've checked connections, and your remarks get me on the right track. Connection of the 24 VDC was coming directly from power supply, and Pin n/p I16-I17 and pin n/p I0/I15 were fed by the same power supply in +24 V but not directly because going through a contactor that can be switched off with the emergency stop circuit (I hope my explanation is good enough). I simplify the connection and did a direct feeding of the three pins of the inputs by +24V. I seems it works well now : after modification, no inversion occurs, I
  3. Thanks for your help ! I will check this this week on the machine and give you a feedback.
  4. Hello, I have designed a machine for my French company that is fitted with a Jazz JZ10-11-T40. The machine is working well, but I have a recurring random issue. When the Jazz PLC is switched on : sometimes, all is running well (the 5 inputs values have correct logic value), and sometimes the PLC works and the 5 inputs values were inverted... and this occurs randomly. I mean : Sometimes, after having switched the PLC on, the 5 inputs are correct (input I0 to I4) : -2 x laser sensors are on logic 1 (no detection because no objects to be detected) -Two
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