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  1. Thanks for that Joe, The code you sent me works. I'm seeing the individual number now. Now I'm trying to gather 4 numbers together in an array, is there a function to do this? Or do I need to re-think my approach? Appreciate the support
  2. Thanks for the reply Joe, Can I do that within the scan block or is there another function to manipulate the incoming data. At the moment I have it printing P1, R1...etc on the screen. Serial Example.vlp
  3. Carrying on from this, I want to group 4 numbers and compare it to a set value. Eg. set password 1111 and compare it to the input. Any tips on doing this for me guys? Thanks in advance
  4. Hi Joe, This was what my problem was all along 😐. Thank you so much for that. Thanks Simon and Aus for the tips.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions Simon, Unfortunately, my session complete won't trigger. On the HEX mode the messages have spaces in between them, do I need to do something do the spaces?
  6. Thanks for the reply Aus, I'm still stuck on the Scan protocol. MB2 does not increment so I think I'm not setting something right. Any tips on how to set up my scan protocol to read this message? My MI2 reads a -1 - I read on this thread that that happens when data is coming in but doesn't match the scan protocol? Thanks in advance. Gate Control 0.1.vlp
  7. Many thanks for you reply Joe, Correct -the end game is to enter numbers on the external key pad (So when I enter a user code eg 1111 I want a gate/door to open). I discovered the message "P1" is displayed when the button is pressed and "R1" when you take your finger off the button. I have attached screenshots of the code and the info mode in ASCII and HEX. Thanks in advance
  8. Hi Joe, I am a newbie to unitronics and PLCs and I'm playing around with a unitronics V570, I have connected a number pad which communicates via RS232 to COM2 in my PLC. I have downloaded your sample code and changed the COM init to COM2. On the PLC info mode I can see the PLC is receiving the messages when I press the buttons (it's a 3x4 numbered key pad and I can see R1 on the RX pane on port 2 in the info mode when I press key 1, R2 when I press R2 and so on). I want to display 1 when I press 1 and so on the text box. Any guidance is greatly appreciated.
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