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  1. It did work! Once M1 was set constant and output was changes to M2 PWM worked.
  2. Thanks for the advice I will try this. Much appreciated!
  3. @kratmel Thanks for your reply. I do have a PID run block in " Subrutine 1" I am using this correctly right?
  4. Hello, V700 with V200-18-E3XB Like my title says my PWM output is not working. Which is weird because it was working before. I have a PID controlling a PMW output and it has stop switching. When I use the operand view I do see that the out is set to 1000 but my solid state relay is not switching. I was able to switch the solid state relay by using a memory bit and setting it high. Thanks for any suggestions! project6.vlp
  5. thank you so much for taking the time to go through the program and giving us prompt feedback. Greatly appreciate it!!
  6. It seem like the auto tune never completes when just running from the HMI. The process value will over shoot then drop underneath the set point multiple time (I have to atuotune set to complete after one cycle.) with out the autotune complete bit going high. I was basing most of the ladder logic off this webinar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqEqEdOx-x8
  7. Hello, V700 with V200-18-E3XB I am having some issue while trying to auto tune with PID SERVER. I let the autotune run with 2 cycles. by the time it complete i get a "run time error 6 overflow" error and PID server crashes. From what i understand it is a overflow error but I'm not sure how to fixt is within visilogic. Any advice appreciated. I am using a T/C to take temp of water then a PWM output to a solid state relay which would heats up water. Attached is the project that is giving me the error version 4.vlp
  8. Thank you both for the replies! I meant to say Analog input 0. don't have the programmer mindset of starting to count from zero haha. I redid the wiring and that seemed to fix it.
  9. Hello V700 with le V200-18-E3XB I have a type j Thermocouple and I cant seem to get a proper reading. I have the thermal couple connected to AN one and have set Jumper 3,4,5 to B. The positive of the TC is jumped to input of AN and the negative is to COM V2, 0V and V1 , 0V are connected to +24 and common respectively I can't seem to get a reading other than 32767, am I missing something? I checked for any short and there don't appear to be any. Please let me now if i should give more information. Thanks!
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