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  1. Hi Joe , Thanks for your reply Both programs attached Thanks again for your help. Samba Modbus RS 485 Slave 1.vlp US5 Modbus RS485 Master 1.ulpr
  2. Hi All, I am new to programming with VisiLogic and Unistream. Here is my little adventure. I have created a program for control of 3 pumps via timers. The idea is to connect a Samba PLC( Slave) to US 5 (Master) and the change of the timer's pre-set value of the Master to be read by the Slave . The communication works but when I set the pre-set value of the Master to 5s the Slave reads it as 50. Does anyone have an idea of where the problem could possibly be .
  3. Hi All Does anyone have a link from where I can download the USB driver for UniLogic Software . My PC runs Win 10 and the PLC I got is US5 Pro. Regards Dan
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