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  1. Hi, I am working on Vision 120 "V120-22-ua2". I am using the below "dll's" ComDriver v and also tried DataTables v Xceed.compression v 3.7.8577.11540 Xceed.compression.Formats v 3.7.8577.11540 When I am trying to access the DataTable I am getting the below error whereas I am successfully connect to PLC with both VisiLogic and comdriver and I am also able to Read and write the Operands in PLC in same project using the below code
  2. Much appreciate your opinion, So if we consider the V 130 with ethernet port. And by the help of Unitronics Development tools .NET drivers and Active X tools. we can able to read, write cycle to particular PLC on network in C# application? And there is no need for Modbus communication.
  3. .NET drivers and Active X tools are capable for handle the RS485 and MODBUS timing ? Or do I need some other lib for my C# project?
  4. Thanks for the replay Its very helpful. If we don't consider Ethernet can we do networking (10 to 15 devices) using Rs485 using the vision 120 "V120-22-UA2" PLC?
  5. Hi, I have a requirement of 10 to 15 PLC's on network using Ethernet. And custom C# App which able to read cycle from particular PLC and load cycle to particular PLC on same network . recommendation needed. Which PLC should I use? currently I am using vision 120 "V120-22-UA2", recommend the model closer to vision 120 if 120 will not work. Are Unitronics DataTable and ComDrive Libs can do this job or any other lib is required?
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