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  1. Thank you for your help. As they say - I have a desire but I do not have a stage to perform. I also like interactive solutions, but my experience is too small. Be healthy and success in work.
  2. Thank you for your reply. I will check the difference between communication with USB and Lan access when using the Pid server.
  3. Thank you for your reply. Your topic is not - derailing topic. I make standard and cheap automaton systems, my clients want cheap solutions. I see like same you. The normal mode is 1 minute and 4seconds. In auto tune I do not calculate. But I think the method is from time duration devided the sum ofabcissa units.Is this correct?
  4. Good day. Thank you Ausman and Isakovic I with name Hvac becouse I work this, but my question is for comparison of charts by time characteristics. For example I have four charts with different heaters and I need to comparison its. I am attached the time values for comparison. In this case I do not not abcissa units (time units) - Ts, To, Tr, Tp Thank you.
  5. Уes I tried to increase and decrease the time scale but it is not mentioned what each unit corresponds to. How can I track the time by the units shown? 1unit is 1 minute, or where I can check it?
  6. Good day I want to ask for time units on PIDserver diagrams. On normal mode the units looks like a minutes but deviation 10 seconds. On Auto Tune mode the units is very smalls, and I do not know which is it. Thank you in advance
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