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  1. No, it is an Intel Core I5 (not sure the rest of the details at the moment)
  2. Good Morning All! I have not had the laptop available to try the last few suggestions. I will hopefully have access to it today to try all of the above! Thank you for the help so far and I will keep everyone posted!
  3. Good Morning! I followed Joe's steps, no resolve. I followed Ausman's link/steps, no resolve. I'm going to give more information that may or may not be useful. The laptop I am having issues with is 3-4 weeks old. Part of the reason we purchased the new laptop was due to this communication issue (there were other issues, this was the just final straw). The old laptop worked fine communicating with multiple V570's for at least the past year (we ship around 20-30 per year). About 2 or3 months ago, it just stopped talking to the V570's (Error 207). I went through what I could find in the forums (everything above was new) but got nowhere and the approval was given to purchase a new laptop. Well, brand new laptop, same issue with communication with the V570's. All I am able to come up with, is that there is software conflicting with Visilogic. Laptop One: Dell Precision (4 years old) -- Manufacturing Engineer -- Communication is fine Laptop Two: Dell Latitude (7 months old) -- Controls/Electrical Engineer -- Communication is fine Laptop Three:Dell Latitude (4 months old) -- Technician -- Communication is fine Laptop Four: Dell Latitude (3 weeks old) -- Technician -- No Communication We all run the same Windows 10 Pro. All running Visilogic 9.8.65. The technician laptops in theory have all the same applications installed (it's possible they don't though), the engineer computers would not necessarily have all the same applications as each other or the technicians. I am really hitting a wall here.
  4. I don't think this is the case since I can communicate with other PC's just not this one.
  5. I believe I tried 115200 but I will try that again. I will be leaving the office for the day in a few minutes but will get back at this in the morning. I really appreciate your help so far.
  6. I have tried on multiple PLC's (all V570's). I have tried multiple cables. At one point, I had 3 laptops side by side comparing com's, baud rate's and driver versions. 2 of the laptops would communicate with the PLC fine , the third does not.
  7. I also stated I was having issues on 2 laptops (there were a total of 5 laptops). The one is no longer in use, it was replaced with a new laptop and the new one has the same issue.
  8. There are currently 4 laptops that have the Visilogic software installed. 1 laptop is 4 years old, no issues. The other laptops are all new within the past six months, 2 no issues, the newest one (about 3 weeks old) is the one I am having issues with. We are using Visilogic version 9.8.65.
  9. Device Manager Shows: Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge (COM5) Visilogic Communication & OS Shows: PC Port: COM 5 PLC: V570-57-T20B-J PC: Dell Latitude 5420 OS: Windows 10 Pro Not sure if it dings when it gets plugged in but windows recognizes it when it gets plugged into hardware (in device manager, it's hidden and then shows up when you plug into the PLC)
  10. Is there any information on how to resolve the stated error (Error 207)? I am having this issue on 2 different laptops. I changed to every com port possible, uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers and software. And nothing, I can't get communication established. I'm not seeing any solutions to the error. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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