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  1. Hello, I didn't want to mess around with my Windows settings, so I simply left it that way and didn't use a meter. I learned to work without a scroll bar by using a lot of subroutines. However, nowadays I started experimenting with VirtualBox, as I wanted to learn to work with Linux (which is supposedly better for constant serial I/O with PLCs and running one script with database all the time), and I thought of an interesting solution. I installed Windows XP on VirtualBox, and Visilogic works on XP like a charm with no problems whatsoever! So if anyone experiences the same problem, this is one of the solutions. Here is a tutorial that shows how to install a VM with Windows XP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GYeqWEHzZI After that, all you need to do is install .NET framework 4.0 on VM from here: https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet-framework/net40 After that, you can install any version of Visilogic and you are good to go. I recommend doing what you need to do in XP and then transfer the .vlp file to your main OS to continue working there. I also found a lifehack that will make transferring data between VM and your computer a lot easier: Use a flash drive, fill it with things you need to transfer to VM, then connect it to VM. Then, in VM, fill it with things you need to transfer to PC and disconnect it from VM. (Note: the flash drive needs to be formatted to FAT32 so Windows XP can read it) I didn't test if it works on Windows 7 as well, but having a Windows XP is convenient because it doesn't take much space (and also, it can bring you some nostalgia). Best regards, Š.K.
  2. Hello, I am still learning how to work in Visilogic. I know how to make programs with lines of code, but programming in ladder is a bit different and I am still getting hang of it. One thing I can't understand properly is the communication between PLCs and the possibilites of communication with the computer. What comes to PLC, my first encounter with it was with Arduino. I used it to give another life to my dashboard in car, and connected it to computer with serial communication, which I processed with Python. If anyone was interested, here is a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZL53YbkdXY (there are Slovak captions). Is there something similar possible with Unitronics PLCs? I need to send some of the variables via serial communication so I can process them further with Python (I know how to do the Python part with pyserial, my question is how to send data with Visilogic). I use SM35-J-R20 without ethernet card, so I see serial communication as my only option. Thank you in advance, best regards Š.K.
  3. Thank you all. Yes, using numbering makes sense. I guess I should make my company order some so that something similar won't happen again. I am happy that you think it is "just" a resistor. I thought I burned up some circuit that would be hard and expensive to replace. If I would ever need to use AN2 as well, I guess I would find which resistor got burned, unsolder it and replace it (or use Joe's solution if I fail to do so). Until then, I am not trying my bad luck anymore. I will post some eventual update to this thread if I will be resolving this in the future.
  4. Dear Alex, I could recite technical documentation as well as the installation guide as a poem, because I had to do some research for selecting the right PLC as well as learning how to work with it. Apart from the old PLCs, my company had me to recycle the wiring as well, and unfortunately for me, the cables are all blue, so they are easy to mix up. So forgive me if you believe that I am the one from the second group, after all, unlike PLCs from Unitronics, we, people, do mistakes. Sincerely, Š.K.
  5. Hello, I have been programming on SM35-J-R20 that my company found after another company they bought. However, for one application including 4-20mA sensor, 10-bit analog input was not enough sensitive, so we bought SM35-J-RA22. After four weeks of waiting for it, it finally arrived. I was so excited for trying it out that I accidentaly connected it wrong - I connected 4-20 mA output to pin 1 (+24V) and +24V to pin 9 (AN2). This seems to have destroyed my AN2, because now when it is not connected, it fluctuates between 0-2, and when I connect it to something, it immideately shows value 32767. Without a doubt, this is my mistake, however, Unitronics spoiled me in this, because after countless occurences of mistakely swapping 0V and +24V, after fixing the wiring it always worked well without any problem, so that's why I got neglectful towards my wiring. With that said, it would be nice if Unitronics made a precaution to this similarly to the precaution with swapping 0V and +24V. Thaknfully, this project involves only one analog input, so using AN3 instead fixes my problem. However, what can I do if I wanted to fix AN2? When I looked at circuits, none of them looked burned. Thank you in advance, best regads Š.K.
  6. Hello, I am programming on SM35-J-R20 in Visilogic 9.8.31 (I wasn't able to update the PLC on the newer versions). I made a demo program on my PC, everything worked fine. But now I make programs for my company on company notebook, and I ran to this problem: when I try to edit the meter variable, almost every (I assume) slider as well as buttons (on the cross) are white. I can't edit values like Radius, Arc Angle etc., because even if I click on it, nothing happens. Do any of you have an idea what could cause it? Both my PC and notebook run on Windows 10. I also have a problem with a scroll bar in Ladder, but I kind of got used to it. If you wonder why I'm still doing this in 2021; well, my company has found dozens of these PLCs in a storage they bought from the former company. I will appreciate any help. Best regards, Š.K.
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